Discussion Points

for Movies on Peace and War Issues


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Discussion points to consider when viewing the movies with children and teens.

"I think leaders have a responsibility to be wise enough, especially now, to see what causes wars and do what it takes to prevent them. There should no longer be a need for anyone to feel that they have to give up their live, or worse, to take a life for a 'cause.' That may not be realistic, but if I expect peace to happen, I need to start with my own expectations. How would you make it happen?"

To the inevitable questions about how I feel about vets, I answered along these lines: "They did all of us a good service. And I feel much the same way about the people who protested wars (ala Vietnam) and fought non- violently for civil rights. How do you feel about them?"

My answer to people who ask "Why should our sons fight for your freedom if Quakers won't fight for ours?"

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