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How this project got started.

On 11/18/96 Beth Gualtieri Goff of Marion, IN, USA, wrote to Quaker-L:

Dear Friends,

A few days ago, I posted a query to this group asking for movies/videos to watch with my 9 and 12 year old sons that might help me to teach them about war and how we as Quakers might have another approach through our peace testimony.

I was *very* pleased to get many responses and lots of encouraging comments, both on the list and privately. I have compiled a list of the suggestions. Of course our email list is at least as diverse as our organizations, so keep in mind that this is a *compilation*. I have copies of all of the emails recommending these movies, but I have not attributed any of the submissions -- it is our collective voice as members of QL.

At the end of the list there are some discussion points that a couple of people included in their email submissions. I found them very interesting, and as I watch our film festival of *War Movies Recommended by Quakers* with my sons, I intend to use some of them in our discussion.

Several people have offered to post this list to various web sites. I guess my opinion is that this list is "owned" by *you* the participants on Quaker List. If you/we as a group want to place it somewhere, you don't need to ask *my* permission, I just compiled your words.

Yours in the Light,
Beth Gualtieri Goff

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